Sales Operations Manager


CAF Outdoor Cleaning

Job Description:

Sales Operations Manager

Maple Valley, WA | Full-time | Onsite | Salary

CAF – Who We Are:

CAF is Latin for Citius, Altius, Fortius meaning, Faster, Higher, Stronger – which drives us to always be looking to grow and improve ourselves and each other. We don’t just manufacture sustainable cleaning products – we partner with our customers to deliver consistently clean and customer ready experiences across all locations. CAF believes in the value of clean. Our goal is to produce the most effective, innovative cleaning solutions available and provide the training and execution support to ensure safer and cleaner outdoor experiences. Click to learn about us and our careers!

What you’ll do:

Critical position at CAF where strategy and execution meet to drive business growth and personal development. We’re looking for someone that has a strong desire and capability to learn and develop skills like strategy, analytics, detail-oriented and capable of leading people and teams. This position works closely with sales leadership to develop and implement company-wide strategy for the short and long-term growth of CAF. We are maintaining & growing core business, while opening new business channels and meeting aggressive sales growth goals. If your friends would describe you as driven, smart, a fast learner and a team player with a strong work ethic and, a “make it happen” attitude, reach out! This position offers a lot of opportunity for personal and career development and growth.

Develop and Implement Strategy. You lead the training, distribution, and sales support team in driving constant improvement and delivering results. Working with other leaders throughout the organization your role is to drive the roles, processes and activities that lead towards success for CAF and our customers.
Analytics and System Management. Your ability to pull and analyze data allow you to properly develop and implement strategy. You should be comfortable in excel and capable of learning new software tools to drive effectiveness (example, Microsoft suite and HubSpot CRM)
Detail-Oriented Activities. Despite managing resources, you will be required to complete tasks and implement strategy at a high “customer standard” of work. You will need to teach and hold your team accountable to high standards.
Customer Facing Communication. You will need to interact with customers, other departments and partners. Your ability to communicate effectively will be important in many forms including face-to-face discussions, emails, and presentations.

What You Will Need to Succeed:

The education. You have a bachelor’s degree.
The experience. You have built a career with 3+ years of business leadership and relatable experience.
The knowledge. You like to learn and grow and will have a history of continued personal growth.
The technical expertise. You are a skilled at the Microsoft Office suite and a CRM user. You are a fast learner with technical inclinations.
The charisma. You can influence others. You enjoy leading and are comfortable speaking to customers and business partners.
The soft skills. You can balance priorities, plan strategically, change focus, multitask, handle ambiguity and be rapidly responsive.
The communication skills. You enjoy real one-on-one communication. Your writing skills are equally outstanding, and you have excellent formal and informal presentation skills.
The autonomy. You can work with minimal oversight and play an active role as a knowledge contributor to the team.

Our Culture:

CAF takes pride in our unique, down to earth culture with enthusiastic, tenacious, grounded, yet super-fun employees that are diverse in background and talent. Our culture is customer-oriented, and sales is key to the growth of our fast-paced company. We believe that customers come first but we also recognize the need for balance between work and family – weekends are for spending time with family and friends. Are you a creative thinker? Do you strive to learn new things? Are you fun to be around and value others input and camaraderie? If you get excited about working where you live, driving change, and being an integral part of a growing organization, then CAF is where you should be!

Reports to:

Executive Vice President – Sales

Fair Pay:

Compensation is designed to attract, motivate, and retain talented employees who drive the company’s success. No two jobs are equal, but all jobs are important – that’s why we tailor an individual compensation plan benchmarked to market data from industry leaders for each person and position, based on several position and market compensable factors.

Perks and Benefits:

What makes a great job even better? Throwing in a few perks! We want to provide our CAF’ers with everything they need to maintain their health and wellbeing. Things like:

Health and Wellness

Medical Insurance
Dental Insurance
Vision Insurance
Long Term Disability
EAP (Employee Assistance Program)
Wellness Reimbursement Program (e.g., gym, golf, activity passes, massage, weight loss, etc.)

Financial Benefits

Simple IRA Retirement Plan
Performance Bonus
Tickets at Work Program

Office Perks

Flexibility in schedule when needed
Company social outings
Free snacks
Educational learning opportunities
Recognition/rewards for anniversaries, birthdays and for going above and beyond

Paid Time Off

PTO/Vacation/Sick Policy
11 Paid Holidays (including Christmas week!)
Maternity/Paternity Leave


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