Night Crew Stocking Clerk


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Job Description:

Working with the Night Crew Stocking Manager as part of a team, the Night Crew Stocking Clerk participates in all night crew activities. Responsibilities include inventory, stocking, merchandising and housecleaning duties.
– Assists in storing, stocking, in coming inventory. Down stocks existing inventory from storage areas.
– Operates related equipment such as forklift, hand trucks, six-wheel carts, pallet jacks and ladders. Maintains a safe, secure and sanitary working environment.
– Must direct all work in accordance with company policies.
– Assists the Night Crew Stocking Manager in setting new displays as directed.
– Implements Company operating and merchandising policies and practices. Controls shrink.
– Implements Company loss prevention and security policies during off hours.
– Responsible for performing all job duties accurately, safely and with honesty and integrity.
– Performs other duties as assigned and necessary.

– Must be friendly and courteous. Must take initiative and maintain composure in dealing with customers, co-workers and vendors as well have the ability to concentrate and deal with interruptions and customer complaints.
– Ability to cooperate with others and work as part of a team. Ability to work independently without supervision when the store is closed.
– Good oral and written communication skills.
– Must stand and walk for long periods of time. Frequently reaches, lifts, stacks and maneuvers objects of varying dimensions and weights up to approximately 80 lbs., within the range of floor level to overhead. Pushes or pulls fully loaded hand trucks, six-wheel carts or pallet jacks. May climb ladders.
– Utilizes safety cutters and cleaning supplies.
– Mental alertness is required to ensure safe, accurate completion of work activities and to do repetitious work accurately.
– Requires knowledge of basic mathematics, inventory control, safe storage of merchandise, merchandising and shipping and receiving procedures.
– Mental dexterity and good eye-hand coordination are required to perform repetitious movements safely.
– Will be required to work nights, may work weekends and holidays. Scheduled hours will vary. Must be able to work with little supervision. Regular attendance is required.
– Must comply with Company policies including grooming standards and dress code.


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