Full-time lead cook position


Lumber House Brewery

Job Description:

Entry pay $20 per hour, negotiable for the perfect candidate
Prepare gastropub food and assist in tasking other kitchen employees. Supervisory
duties may vary.
Duties and responsibilities:
Food Preparation
Prepare and cook dishes for customers following Lumber House recipes and menu
Running the Kitchen
Task kitchen employees to prep farm-to-table food items for cooking and plating. Time
management ensuring food preparation provides each customer table receives their
meals simultaneously. Assume or assign tasks as orders appear on the KDS screen.
Before serving to customers, inspect food quality, quantity, and presentation for
Maintaining Safety
Lead cooks need to be well versed in food safety and proper handling procedures. They
abide by best practices and instruct others on cleaning ingredients, slicing techniques,
equipment maintenance, utensil sanitizing, proper refrigeration, heating requirements,
hand washing, preventing cross-contamination, spoilage, disposal, and pest control.
Lead cooks may be called upon to supervise kitchen clean-up at the end of the day.
Lead Cook Skills
 Culinary skills for meal preparation and presentation
 Clear communication skills to manage tasks and expectations
 Commitment to food safety
 Teamwork focus to maintain operational flow, workplace morale, and customer
 Multitasking and flexibility to perform various cooking and managing duties


Melissa Earl


Phone: (206) 719-5334


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