Embracing Health and Wellness is Maple Valley and Black Diamond

It’s a new year and for many people, that means setting new goals for their health and wellness.

Now, before we take a look at what Maple Valley and Black Diamond have to offer for health and wellness, we should talk about the fact that the concepts of health, wellness, and fitness mean different things to different people.

What these mean and how we achieve our goals is highly personal, so being successful is all about finding what works for you. What success looks like for one person is completely different than what it looks like for someone else.

Fitness, health and wellness goals can include things like —

  • Meeting more people doing an activity you love.
  • Training for a big race.
  • Dealing with that root canal you’ve been putting off.
  • Seeing a therapist to work through some personal issues.
  • Going to physiotherapy to get that pesky knee injury dealt with.
  • Finding a way to decompress and practice some self-care.

Whatever you’re looking to achieve by focusing on health and wellness, YOU get to decide on the roadmap to get there.

We’re just here to make sure you know what our community has to offer in the realm of fitness, health, and wellness.

Let’s take a look.

Upping Your Fitness

When it comes to fitness, we all know that it is sometimes hard to stay motivated and on track to meet our goals. That’s why getting active in your own community can be immensely helpful.

In fact, there are tangible benefits from choosing to become involved in community-based health and wellness activities.

Having others to provide support, motivation — and most importantly accountability — can be instrumental in your ability to stick with whatever you’re doing. 

It also gives you the opportunity to feed off the energy of the people around you. We’ve all had days where we are just not feeling like making an effort, but it can be much easier to get ourselves up and moving when we know we’ll be with fellow friends and community members.

People within the community can also offer inspiration — and you can offer inspiration to others! We all have our own ideas about our perceived limits, but seeing people who have different levels of fitness and abilities can expand our thinking.

Pushing outside our comfort zone, working towards achieving health and wellness goals, and sticking to them are all worth being celebrated — both by ourselves and the people who support us.

No matter your age, from youth to senior citizen and all in between, both Maple Valley and Black Diamond have places that you can visit to work on your health and fitness goals.

9Round Fitness
Club Pilates – Maple Valley
Get Hot Yoga
Maple Valley Parks & Rec
Tahoma Athletic Club
The Buffalo Gym
Thrive Community Fitness
Greater Maple Valley Community Center

Embracing Your Health and Wellness

Our physical and mental health are our most important assets, and after weathering a global pandemic for the past few years many of us are feeling the effects.

Whether you’ve put off some of your medical and dental needs, you’ve been considering the idea of seeing a therapist or you have a beloved family member that needs in-home care, there’s really no time like the present to make some health and wellness-related goals.

We’re very fortunate that we have a wide assortment of services available right here in Maple Valley and Black Diamond, so accessing quality healthcare right on our doorstep is possible.


MultiCare Health System
UW Medicine | Valley Medical Center
Dermatology Care Center
Maple Valley Eye Care Center
Maple Valley Pediatric Therapy
Maple Valley Vision & Hearing Clinic
Pinnacle Medical Wellness
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons
Pro Medical Spa
Vine Beauty Academy
Visiting Angels


Rude Family Dentistry
Bright Now! Dental
Haeger Orthodontics
Kirby Nelson Orthodontics


Children’s Therapy Center
Nexus Youth & Families
Outpatient Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy for EveryBODY Inc
Robinson Family Chiropractic

Achieve Your Health and Wellness Goals in 2022

As you can see, the communities of Maple Valley and Black Diamond are well-positioned to help you meet your fitness, health, and wellness goals. 

Whether you want to focus on solo or group activities, fitness or medical health, providers in our community are here to help make it happen.

Want to learn more about what Maple Valley and Black Diamond have to help you be successful in meeting your goals this year?

Check out the Maple Valley Black Diamond Chamber of Commerce website to find out what your community has to offer!

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About the Author:

Heidi Hanscom is the CEO at the Maple Valley Black Diamond Chamber of Commerce located in Maple Valley, Washington. To reach Heidi, call 425.432.0222 x101 or email: ceo@maplevalleychamber.org.