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Anesthesia Equipment Supply, Inc.
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Anesthesia Equipment Supply, Inc.
24301 Roberts DR
Black Diamond, WA 98010

Phone: 253.631.8008
Fax: 360.886.1350

About Anesthesia Equipment Supply, Inc.

What We Do

AES, Inc. is a leading innovator in airway management and is dedicated to providing our customers with the newest and safest technologies on the market today. AES has been providing custom medical equipment and serving the medical community for over four decades, giving us a unique understanding of our customers’ needs. Our experienced team is currently focused on developing a leading brand of laryngeal mask products within North America.

New Safety Standard

The AES Ultra CPV is setting the standard for laryngeal mask patient safety by being the only brand to offer a built in cuff pressure indicator on our masks. The CPV constantly monitors pressure in the cuff, detecting changes due to temperature, nitrous oxide levels and movement within the airway. The color indicator bands provide at-a-glance feedback, alerting you instantly to changes before they affect patient safety.

Custom Manufacturing

More than five decades of medical equipment design and manufacturing has given G. Dundas Company, a manufacturing division of AES, Inc., an understanding of the day-to-day, hands on use of anesthesia equipment in the healthcare environment. In addition to creating our own innovative and highly usable medical devices, we engineer and build custom solutions to meet the specific design needs of OEM anesthesia equipment.


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Mario Sorci
Mario Sorci

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