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Robinson Family Chiropractic

Robinson Family Chiropractic
26832 Maple Valley Black Diamond RD
Maple Valley, WA 98038

Phone: 425.433.6583
Fax: 425.433.6573

About Robinson Family Chiropractic

Our mission is to provide the finest care for our patients by restoring and maintaining the recuperative capabilities of their bodies potential. We remove the interference or "subluxation" from the body and our patients are able to improve their long term quality of life. By utilizing safe and effective Chiropractic procedures which have been developed over the last 2 centuries, combined with proper nutrition and exercise, our patients see and feel the difference in enjoying a well balanced lifestyle.

"You can always progress to drugs and surgery if needed, however most people get well when they dedicate themselves to simple lifestyle changes and periodic Chiropractic care".


We accept Cash, Insurance, Personal or Work Injuries. (No Insurance, No Problem!)

Offering comparable pricing to get you feeling your best and affordable wellness packages to maintain a healthy quality of life to be utilized as needed.

Our Services include Chiropractic Adjustments, Roller table and Massage, Cryo & Heat Therapy, Movement and Posture assessment and Corrective Exercises.


" Chiropractic helps the fit and the frail maintain/improve their quality of Life. My experiences adjusting people around the country have taught me, that each individual requires treatment to be specifically designed for them and I will do the same for you."

~Dr. Duggan Robinson



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Dr. Duggan Robinson
Dr. Duggan Robinson

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