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Apr 10

Erica Dial

More Derby Prizes Needed - Can you help?

Posted by Erica Dial

This year's main Derby Prize Sponsor is Les Schwab Tire Centers - thank you Les Schwab! Even with the sponsorship, we are in need of prizes for the Hooked on Fishing Trout Derby. We award prizes to the Top 100 largest fish caught during the Derby and they range in value of $10 - $100. There is also a "Get It Now" prize table with at least 400 prizes (valued .25 to $2) for the kids that catch a fish in the pond or those that don't want to wait until the awards and just want to grab a prize and go.

We are still looking for the following prizes:

4 - $100 Prizes
5 - $50 Prizes
20 - $25 Prizes
Hundreds of the .25 - $2

Here are some suggestions for prizes:

Camping Items
Fishing Items
Outdoor Decor or Furnishings
Grilling Items
Balls of all kinds
Best for the Get It Now table are little tiny prizes: bubbles, candy, match box cars, chalk, or even items with your logo on it!

If you are unsure what would be a good prize - you can always donate cash and we can do the buying. You will be recognized with a listing as a prize donor at the event and in a follow up thank you ad. You can call the Chamber at 425.432.0222 to let us know you are donating something or you can just drop it off at our office. Thank you for your consideration.

Here's an example of the Top 100 prize table from a few years ago....