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Jul 21


Positive Change

Posted by Anonymous

Positive Change

by Bryan Kelley, Board Chair

As I enter my term as Chamber President, I feel this is a good time to think about change.  Now, I am not talking about the feel good hopeful change that seems to fill our everyday media.  I am talking about the growth and expansion every one of us must go through in order to improve.  As a person in the automotive repair world I have always been subjected to constant change.  Vehicles change every year.  It may be electronic controls that have grown or base engine design changes, but either way it is ever changing.  Perhaps, this is why I have learned to embrace change instead of fearing it.  For some the idea of change can be a formidable opponent, but it does not have to be large or unpredictable.  It just needs to provide growth and opportunity.

Marketing for your business is a great example of continuous change.  When you find something that works, it is easy to have the urge to keep using it.  You soon find that every marketing tool has a shelf life.  No matter how well it worked the first time there is no guarantee it will work as well the second time or even the tenth.  How do you keep ideas fresh and exciting?  How do you know what to change?  Where do you start the change?  These questions apply to more than just marketing.  These questions apply to business and life in general.  One answer to these questions is that the Chamber of Commerce meets these needs speciffically.

The Chamber of Commerce offers networking opportunities.  You can discuss issues with other business owners about how they are adapting or struggles they face or have faced.  Most of these members bring a wealth of experience.  There are monthly speakers that bring an array of insight which can spur thoughts, ideas, or even direct solutions.  I have personally found numerous books that applied to business through simple conversations at a luncheon.  You can find direct marketing opportunities, business coaching, and even local legislative information.  The Chamber has many great tools, but you need to know about them and you need to use them.                      

In order to become better than we were yesterday, we need to be intentional with our decisions.  We must choose to take on ideas and concepts we might not be comfortable with.  It’s through these actions that we grow and become better leaders in community, business, and life in general.  As your new Chamber President, I look forward to learning and growing within the business community.  I also look forward to ideas from our members about changes that would make our Chamber more beneficial to them.  In business, if you are not growing, you are standing still.  If you are standing still you are getting left behind.  


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