Is the Merry Merchant Game Right for your Business?

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Oct 27

Erica Dial

Is the Merry Merchant Game Right for your Business?

Posted by Erica Dial


Hello participants!

Once again, the Maple Valley Black Diamond Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring the Merry Merchant Game. This game is part of the City of Maple Valley’s Hometown Holidays community event happening in the Four Corners area the evening of Thursday, December 7th, 2017.  The Merry Merchant Game is an activity designed to get shoppers to visit our local businesses, collect “game codes” to fill out a game card and then turn in the card for a chance to win raffle prizes. We are sponsoring this event because we want to encourage all our area residents to “Shop Local” and shop on “Small Business Saturday”.  The Merry Merchant game will start on Black Friday, November 24th and run through Friday, December 8th

How can your business participate?

Participation for businesses is free. However, we do ask you to provide a $30 raffle prize. It can be an item/service from your business, a gift card or anything else valued at $30 (or more if you choose).  You may also want to display your raffle prize in your business or on your website (if you don’t have a brick and mortar building) to help promote the Merry Merchant game.

How does the Merry Merchant game work?

Your business name will go on the game card and shoppers will come to your store, website or Hometown Holiday booth during the promotional period (11/24-12/8) and look for your merchant code (which we will provide you ahead of time). After filling in so many codes, shoppers can turn in the game card at Johnsons Home and Garden or the Chamber office for a chance to win one of the raffle prizes provided by all the participating businesses.  We will provide you with the name and contact info of the winner of your raffle prize and you will contact them and let them know how to pick up the raffle prize that you have donated. 

How will we get the promote the game to shoppers?

We will be posting the game card on the Chamber and City’s websites. We will also be promoting the game through Facebook.  We will also provide you with the pdf version of the game card if you would like to print some off and give them to your customers and encourage them to play the game.

Our goal is to promote our local businesses and encourage people to shop the Maple Valley Black Diamond area during the holiday season.

Please contact Karen the Chamber at 425.432.0222 or if you are interested in participating in this event. The deadline to participate is November 10th - after that date, we cannot accept any more interested participants.  So please let us know right away if you are interested in participating.

Thank you.

2016 Sample Game Card