Chamber Signs on to AWB Letter to Governor

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Nov 20

Erica Dial

Chamber Signs on to AWB Letter to Governor

Posted by Erica Dial

Your Maple Valley Black Diamond Chamber of Commerce is advocating for you!! We have signed on to an Association of Washington Business (AWB) and Grassroots Alliance letter that was delivered to the Governor today. In summary, we are urging the Governor to consider both the  public health consequences and the economic consequences of the latest restrictions. Instead of banning all indoor activities in some industries, we are urging him to consider a universal 25% occupancy restriction for each identified industry. We know these are tough times for many and we also urge you to reach out directly to the Governor's office and our local legislators to let them know how these restrictions are affecting your business. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call Erica at 253.455.4031