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Oct 07

Bryan Kelley

The political arena is not always a comfortable place to be, but it is an absolute necessity for the business world. While large corporate budgets can afford lobbyists, entertainment, and advertising, small business rarely has a loud voice. Because of this, small business often gets subjected to onerous rules and regulations that make it more and more difficult and expensive to operate a business. With that in mind, just how important is it that your chamber of commerce stays active in local and statewide issues? read more

Jul 21


As I enter my term as Chamber President, I feel this is a good time to think about change. Now, I am not talking about the feel good hopeful change that seems to fill our everyday media. I am talking about the growth and expansion every one of us must go through in order to improve. As a person in the automotive repair world I have always been subjected to constant change. read more

May 30


As our tag line says, at the Greater Maple Valley Black Diamond Chamber of Commerce we are always striving to "Grow Business and Build Community", but how many of you know that a couple ways that we accomplish this task involve a tank of sharks here in the office and sheepskins for high school grads? read more

Apr 11


This month marks the 49th anniversary of the founding of the Greater Maple Valley Black Diamond Chamber of Commerce. Although my original role was just that of a young bystander, I am one of a few people who can say that they have been connected to the Chamber since its inception. I remember read more

Mar 13

Bryan Kelley

As a chamber board member I often have business people ask me, "Why should I be a part of the Chamber and what is my expected Return on Investment?" read more

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