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EmpowerMe Arts

Job Description:

EMA Admin Role Job Scope
Salary: $17-20/hr
Job Type: Part Time (10 Hours a Week)

At Empower Me Arts we are passionate about helping people awaken their creativity and are striving to grow into the type of individuals, team members and organization that effectively serves our community. We are looking to add someone who values creativity and innovation, and possesses a strong care for people and their community.

Empower Me Arts is located in Black Diamond, WA. We are looking to hire an admin manager that will provide the main administrative backbone for the organization. The admin manager’s main commitment is to be the Leader of project management and administration for EMA. This position will oversee elements like project management, office operations, and management of our client database.

A day in the life of this position could include working with team members to manage an event, managing new client inquiries, aiding in social media management, and implementing new technology or software that increases administrative effectiveness. These tasks are just some examples of the opportunity to use the qualities of innovation, strong people skills, recruiting and training volunteers and many more.

Key Qualities:
• Well organized and detail skilled
• Reliable – keeps tabs on work processes, remembers commitments
• Good administrator; keeps things on track
• Sets tight priorities
• Uses time well
• Completes most things on time and in time

Excellent Computer Skills
• Scans the environment for new technical skills, knowledge, or capabilities that can benefit business or personal performance
• Readily learns and adopts new technologies
• High proficiency in google sheets, and understanding of apple products general understanding of database management and project management software
• Preferable experience with Asana project management software
• Preferable experience with Honeybook CRM
• Ability to recruit, train and utilize volunteers

Strong people skills
• Relates comfortably with people across levels, functions, culture, and geography
• Acts with diplomacy and tact
• Builds rapport in an open, friendly, and accepting way
• Builds constructive relationships with people both similar and different to self
• Picks up on interpersonal and group dynamics

Inclusive Culture
• Seeks to understand different perspectives and cultures
• Contributes to a work climate where differences are valued and supported
• Applies others diverse experiences, styles, backgrounds, and perspectives to get results
• Is sensitive to cultural norms, expectations, and ways of communicating

• Comes up with useful ideas that are new, better, or unique
• Introduces new ways of looking at problems
• Can take a creative idea and put it into practice
• Encourages diverse thinking to promote and nurture innovation

Key Responsibilities:
• Project management and support
• Aid in Project management of events
• Overseeing general admin needs of the organization
• Office supply purchasing, inventory and organization
• Maintaining office equipment
• Greeting visitors, answering phone calls and emails while providing prompt and high-quality guest services
• Referring out to necessary parties as needed
• Maintaining overall Organization calendar

Our community comes from all walks of life and so do we. We hire great people from a wide variety of backgrounds, not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because it makes our Organization stronger. If you share our values and our commitment to community, you will find a home at EmpowerMe Arts.


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