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Oct 14

Bryan Kelley

Join us on Wednesday, October 19th at 11:30 and hear from Gary Chandler, VP of Government Affairs with AWB (Association of Washington Business). Don't think what happens in Olympia affects you? Think again. Come and hear what to expect from the upcoming legislative session. read more

Apr 12

Bryan Kelley

Leadership and the Importance of "Modeling the Way" read more

Feb 10

Bryan Kelley

With a month behind us, how is your 2016 marketing plan doing? read more

Nov 13

Bryan Kelley

Within the business community, change can inspire fear. As business owners we tend to prepare for what we know and have familiarity with. We build methods and systems for dealing with the "norms" within our specific business. In most cases, change affects these very systems we depend on for our day to day operations. These systems are often the core of efficiencies and profitability within our business. Therefore...... read more

Oct 08

Bryan Kelley

Candidates for Maple Valley City Council and for the Tahoma School Board, participated in a public forum on Tuesday, October 6th at Rock Creek Elementary School gym. read more

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